10+ Celebrity Photos That Show A Side Of Them You Don’t Usually See

People are obsessed with celebrities and Hollywood culture. You can see this when you’re purchasing groceries and see all of the celebrity-centric magazines at the checkout stand. People are fascinated with the lavish, luxurious, and dramatic lives of the rich and famous. But, of course, celebrities are still human after all.

An Instagram account called ‘historyphotographed‘ has a rare archive of pictures giving us a glimpse into the real lives of celebrities.

The Instagram account’s description says that they are “sharing the most powerful and entertaining historical images ever taken.” These 30 photos aren’t your typical red carpet or paparazzi type of photos. They’re beautiful, they’re raw, and they’re real.

1. Bruce Lee with his with Linda, and their children Brandon and Shannon. Taken sometime in the late ’60s.

2. A 1992 photograph of Michael Jordan playing basketball with Michael Jackson.


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