11+ People Who Weren’t The Masters Of Deception They Thought

Even if you despise liars more than anything, it’s still not hard to understand why people do it.

Whether it’s to get out of trouble or trick someone into giving us what us want, we can’t pretend that we haven’t come across some big opportunities to cook up a whopper.

But sometimes, it’s honestly baffling that people even bothered to lie. Sure, we can follow the logic of the guy who claims to have wrestled seven bears if we recall that attention-starved kid whose uncle totally worked at Nintendo.

But it takes a special kind of guts for people to take their strained relationship with the truth to the internet, where people can quickly and easily prove them wrong.

Hopefully, that’s a mistake the people on this list will learn to stop making.

1. If you come across this ad, don’t follow its instructions.

Apparently, you can get away with putting up misleading directions if you state what swiping up actually does next to the arrow.

Tsk tsk.

2. If this seems a little confusing, the picture on the bottom right shows where the navy blue text bubble claimed to live.

It couldn’t possibly be that they just took that photo off a real estate listing and started playing make believe.

No, it’s the realtors who are wrong. Obviously.

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