14 pics that show what celebrities really look like with zero makeup

Ah, Hollywood, and beyond. We see television and movie stars who look perfect…even when caught taking out their trash or walking their dog. This includes other famous people like radio personalities, comedians, and a host of other entertainers. Perhaps without admitting it, we envy them.

A lot of them have hairstylists and makeup artists on speed dial, which is why they look so amazing while out in public. This is especially true when attending some kind of big gala. But here’s the deal, without being all dolled up — most of them look like normal people.

While some celebrities look great wearing makeup, others look better without it. Check out these 75 images of famous people with and without makeup.

1. Lea Michele
Not only was Lea Michele a regular cast member of Glee but she’s also an accomplished writer and singer. As for wearing makeup…she’s beautiful with or without it. With a natural glow, she doesn’t need anything to enhance her appearance.
2. Gigi Hadid
A lot of people got their first look at Gigi Hadid when she appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starring her mom, Yolanda Foster. Today, she’s a big-time runway model and up-and-coming actress who without makeup looks like an everyday young woman.

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