15+ Things That We Probably Wouldn’t Have Believed Without Photo Evidence

Most of us had one friend growing up who we always needed to take with a grain of salt. While we all want to be cool sometimes, we seemed a little more willing than this kid to let our awesome fantasies remain as just fantasies. This kid, however, decided that as far as their friends were concerned, all the cool things we daydreamed about really happened and they had enough stone-faced seriousness about to make us not want to argue with them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we believed them for a second. But of course, bizarre things do happen every now and then, but the people on this list were smart enough to support their captivating yarns about them with a picture. Just like that kid didn’t have of their uncle who totally worked at Nintendo.

1. This lady may not have a massive bug on her back, but it seems like she wants to give us that impression.

I’ll give her this, any friends that she gets separated from won’t have too tough of a time finding her.

2. While some places have more bugs than others, it’s still unlikely that “it belongs to the crickets now” is an everyday phrase anywhere.

However, considering that these ones apparently made some weird seething sound whenever anybody approached these bikes, that’s just the solemn reality they had to accept.

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