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Panic & Anxiety

Breathing Techniques for Anxiety

When anxiety strikes, sufferers must develop a way of coping that allows them to maintain some control. Over time, we all experiment with various methods. From exercise, medication, and herbal supplements to massage and acupuncture, I’ve tried everything you can think of. Some, of course, are better than others. We each have to find the best treatment methods for ourselves.

Unlike many conditions, anxiety is different in each of us. While some things may be treated the same way regardless of who the patient is, anxiety is more complex. As you learn to live with the anxiety, you will have to try treatment after treatment until you find out what works for you. It will most likely be different from what works for your friend or neighbor. While that makes it harder to find the ideal treatment plan, it also gives you a sense of control once you learn to manage your condition.

One thing that seems to help nearly all anxiety sufferers is using breathing techniques for anxiety relief. Controlled breathing is an effective anxiety treatment for several reasons. It helps to regulate the level of stress hormones in the body. Since many people hyperventilate during panic attacks, learning to breathe correctly can help to control these symptoms.

It has even been shown that deliberate hyperventilating can cause a panic attack. Carefully using proper breathing techniques for anxiety control can help to reduce your symptoms and keep sudden panic attacks at bay. Especially when combined with methods such as medication, talk therapy, and others, the use of breathing techniques for anxiety disorder management can return to you some control over your life.

While breathing techniques for anxiety can be effective, they must be done correctly to help. Improper breathing can make symptoms worse, and even trigger panic attacks. It’s important to breathe in through the nose. Some find exhaling through the mouth to be better, and others breathe through the nose.

Don’t try to take huge, deep breaths. When you’re breathing too fast or too deep, you aren’t able to get rid of all the carbon dioxide. This leaves you feeling like you can’t breathe or aren’t getting enough oxygen. In reality, you actually are breathing much too rapidly and too much oxygen is coming in without letting the CO2 out. You must take medium breaths slowly, being sure to let it all out before taking the next breath.

Using breathing techniques for anxiety relief can help with chronic symptoms. A few minutes of controlled breathing several times a day can help regulate the stress hormones in your body. It gives you time to focus your thoughts and relax the mind and body. Especially when combined with positive affirmations, it can be an important part of managing your anxiety.

Breathing techniques for anxiety attacks can be helpful as well. When you feel the signs of an attack coming on, proper breathing may decrease the intensity or even halt it altogether. Breathing techniques can give you some control over the attacks. It’s important to pay attention to the feelings of an attack coming on.

While breathing techniques for anxiety management certainly won’t solve all of your problems, they can make it much easier to live with. It’s important to explore various solutions to find what is the most effective combination for you. Yoga classes, exercise, and other lifestyle changes can be combined with medications or herbal supplements to give you some normalcy.

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