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Ever Wonder How Art Gets on TV? Here’s How Masterpieces Earned Cameos on Six Shows, From ‘Succession’ to ‘Little Fires Everywhere’

Somebody get these artworks their own IMDB pages.


Kerry Washington as Mia Warren, an art photographer with a complicated past.


Kerry Washington stars as Mia Warren, an art photographer with a complicated past in Little Fires Everywhere.

Are there more rich people on TV nowadays or is the depiction of their lifestyle just getting more accurate? During recent at-home streaming marathons, we couldn’t help but notice a generous helping of art on some of our favorite shows—and not just Picasso knock-offs, but works that appear to be the real thing. A Basquiat here, a Matisse there.

How did they get there? It turns out their presence is the result of extended negotiation—and often, painstaking reproduction.

“Yes, they’re ‘real’ artworks you’re seeing—we license the images to many shows. Replicas of the works are created to very specific detail,” explained Katarina Feder, vice president and director of business development of the visual arts copyright organization Artists Rights Society. In order to keep fraudulent works from appearing on the market or making their way around the web, the organization requires the production to destroy the reproductions or return them once filming is over.


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