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There Will Be Blood: Why It’s Paul Thomas Anderson’s Masterpiece

Anchored by Daniel Day-Lewis’ searing performance as a corrupt oil tycoon, There Will Be Blood is easily director Paul Thomas Anderson’s best movie.


Paul Thomas Anderson is one of Hollywood’s best directors working today. A lot of his works have been acclaimed by critics, from Boogie Nights to Punch-Drunk Love to The Master, but arguably PTA’s finest film is There Will Be Blood, his quintessentially American saga about an oil driller’s rise to power and subsequent fall from grace.


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Anchored by Daniel Day-Lewis’ blistering Oscar-winning portrayal of Daniel Plainview, There Will Be Blood is a modern cinematic masterpiece. The director is working on a new movie called Soggy Bottom, but he’ll have a tough time topping There Will Be Blood.


10It’s A Quintessential Study Of The Corrupting Power Of Wealth


Daniel and HW in There Will Be Blood

Daniel Plainview’s harrowing arc in this movie is a perfect cinematic study of the corrupting power of wealth. Anderson was heavily inspired by another masterpiece that fits this description, John Huston’s The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. In There Will Be Blood, black, goopy, slippery oil serves as the perfect visual metaphor for Plainview’s greed.


The film’s prop oil was actually made from the chemical agent that goes into McDonald’s chocolate milkshakes, an interesting behind-the-scenes tie to corporate greed (and the line “I drink your milkshake”).


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