Woman Makes Creative ‘Holi-Trees’ To Keep The Christmas Tree Up Year-Round

Is decorating the Christmas tree a favorite part of the holiday season for you? I feel the same way. Isn’t it kind of sad when it’s time to take the tree down and put it away for the rest of the year?

What if you didn’t have to do that? What if you kept the tree all year round? How do you like that idea?

That’s exactly how Nadia Colucci felt about her tree, too.

She felt really sad when it came time to take it down. So, she decided not to. Instead, she came up with the most fun and festive idea. Want to know what it is?

Nadia decided to dress the tree up for every holiday throughout the year.

The project ended up being such a fun and creative outlet for her. She calls her trees “Holi-Trees,” and I kind of like that idea.

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